2023 Social Media Coaching Private Group Access



Ready to seriously tackle social media marketing for your business in 2023? Did you know that the average social media group coaching plan is $75-100 PER MONTH! We can do better. Come join the 2023 Social Media Coaching Private Group! This is not a course and not a monthly subscription. This is a one-time price for the whole year with no autobilling/renewal. 

Want weekly content ideas, reels templates, to learn how to make reels/TikTok’s focused on your products (aka no dancing required), accountability checklists, plug-and-play graphics for your business pages/groups, learn about video compilation/editing, post automation, alternative monetization ideas and so much more?

Need action plans that are easy to follow and implement plus accountability from a community of like-minded business owners tackling social media as well? A safe space to ask questions, share your own content ideas and gain feedback, and learn how to master social media?

Come join us! 

This dedicated private coaching group will feature 12 jam-packed months of content-forward social media strategies for all types of platforms where you can market your handmade goods. We will be focused on helping you create the right kind of content for your business in real-time, evolving with new ideas, trends, products, seasons/occasions and more.

Take the guess work out of your social media strategy with our 2023 Private Social Media Coaching Group at a fraction of the cost of other coaching programs! Sign up by January 1 or miss out until next year!