Advanced Illustration in Affinity Designer Masterclass


This is the EARLY BIRD SALE. This course is available January 2023!



Ready to take your Affinity Designer skills to the next level? Our Advanced Illustration in Affinity Designer Masterclass is coming February 2023!

This course features detailed, step-by-step, start to finish lessons on 12 illustration styles. The course content is approximately 75 hours with each illustration style featuring 3-4 video segments.

This course is not for complete beginners. You must know the foundations of using Affinity Designer. In the Advanced Illustration in Affinity Designer Masterclass, we combine our project-specific tutorial approach like on our YouTube channel with different advanced illustration work that can be completed in the software.

Unlike our other Affinity courses, this course will feature no scheduled unlock and is not built in a progressive format. Each illustration style is one lesson composed of multiple videos for you to work through and develop your skills. Pick the style you want to focus on and follow along.

Opportunities to win prizes including a drawing tablet plus one-on-one email support are included with this course.

Just what will be covering?

Vector Portrait Illustration: Learn to create popular cartoon-style portraits of people, pets or objects!

3D Character Illustration: Learn to make your own characters and have them jump off the page or screen with 3D illustration.

Ocean-Mountain Vector Landscape: Learn to create full landscape or background scenes in layered vector format.

Geometric Tiger Illustration: Learn to create animals, people, objects and more with the vector geometric technique.

Watercolor Bunny Illustration: Learn to create detailed watercolor artwork combining vector and raster techniques.

Paint Your Pet Illustration: Learn to leverage vector brushes to create painted-look animals, people and more.

Faceless Portrait Illustration: Learn to create the popular faceless portrait style from a photograph or other inspiration.

Rose & Anchor “Tattoo” Illustration: Learn to create tattoo-style illustration work that is ideal for masculine or grunge style designs.

Vintage Truck Detailed Illustration: Learn how to create highly detailed illustrations of everyday objects, people or places.

Comic Book Portrait Illustration: Learn how to create fun, light-hearted style comic book characters or objects from your inspiration.

Snowy Christmas Tree Illustration: Learn to compile entire scenes in vector illustration from the ground up.

Sunflowers in Basket Illustration: Learn to create realistic crayon/colored pencil style illustrations with vector and raster layers.

This course is designed to walk you through in-depth illustration styles that you can apply to anything you wish to create! If you enjoy design challenges and want step-by-step guidance to much more advanced illustration styles and maximizing using the tools, then this will be perfect for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


There is a dedicated support form at the end of each unit if you have questions or assistance while you are taking the masterclass. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

Once you complete your purchase of the masterclass, simply click on MY ACCOUNT and you will see a menu in the sidebar that has ORDERS, DOWNLOADS, COURSES, ect. Click on COURSES and you will see your masterclass available to you.

Once the masterclass is fully listed, you may choose to skip around the content as you choose. Keep in mind that this course is setup to build on skills and information from one module to the next. If you skip content and then need help, you will be referred to the content you skipped over for the answer.

Yes and no. This course DOES NOT cover the iPad or Surface Pro. The software has the same steps and capabilities on tablets as it does on laptop/desktops. However, the interface layout is very different and that will make following along a challenge. Other tablets are not compatible with Affinity program. Refer to for computing specifications.

Indefinitely. The masterclass will be available on our website as long as our site is operational. Should there a come a time when we “retire”, proper alternative access information will be provided to our members for courses and digital graphic content.

No. The Affinity Designer Digital Graphic Design Masterclass is a hybrid of text, graphic references and video. Everything is pre-recorded for you to access on your own schedule and at your own pace.

No. Affinity software, like most software, is not compatible with Chromebook. Please refer to the computing requirements at

Affinity Designer is almost identical whether on a MAC or Windows laptop or desktop. You can follow this course easily. Keep in mind that occasionally there are changes in the MAC layout or command keys which do not work the same as Windows. This does not hinder the ability to use the program.

You will need a laptop or desktop that fits the CPU requirements stated on the Affinity website as well as the software, Affinity Designer or Photo, depending on the course. This information and purchasing can be done at