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IMPORTANT: Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo are two very different software programs. If you are looking for the Affinity Designer Digital Graphic Design Masterclass, click here.

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The Affinity Photo Masterclass is for Mac/Window OS (desktop/laptop); it does not cover the iPad app version however some members may find it easy to follow along the course material on their iPad as well.


Affinity Photo is a full raster-editing design software that replaces expensive and difficult to navigate, Photoshop. It is the perfect compliment to Affinity Designer and a stand-alone option for sublimation graphic design. With Affinity Photo you will be able to edit, enhance and modify original photographs or clipart elements; as well as rely on graphic illustration tools to create any artwork you can dream up.

This course is approximately 80-Video Hours. It consists of 11 Modules, 89 Lessons including Design Challenges with chances to win prizes! Much of the lessons will involve you also practicing along on your own. There are less tools but many more uses for the tools that are available, than Affinity Designer.

As with everything we put together, this course is meant to be beginner-friendly, thorough and easy to follow along with. It is built in a progressive format that ensures retention. This course has been updated to allow you to go at your own pace and on your own schedule (no timed module release). 

No experience? No problem. This course is made for you.

Can’t draw? We will show you the secrets to making it happen.

Dreaming of cool photo edits? You’ll be a master when you’re done.

Need help along the course? One-on-one email support is provided if you have questions or need assistance as you are working through the course.

Here is the Affinity Photo Design Masterclass for Sublimation Module Breakdown:


Module 1: Learning the Language of Digital Design 

*Several of this module’s lessons can be skipped if you have taken the Affinity Designer Digital Graphic Design Masterclass because the information is the same*

Confused by color format, color profile, file types, resolution and graphic design jargon? This module is a crash course on all of this. Not only will you learn the fundamentals, but you will also be able to use this information to better identify and troubleshoot your design and printing work.

Module 2: Getting to Know the Affinity Photo Interface 

Affinity Photo consists of five different Personas that will take your artwork to new heights. With the tools in each persona you will be able to fully edit photos and create dynamic artwork using raster design. This module is dedicated to giving you a solid overview of all the features and tools in Affinity Photo before we dive in deep on how to use each one.

Module 3: Brushes, Brushes, Brushes

Raster brushes are truly amazing and open up a vast array of possibilities for your artwork. Most of the tools within Affinity Photo are referred to as “brushes”. In this module we will cover how to use the different editing brushes – blur brush, selection brush, healing brush, clone brush, ect – as well as walk you through the Brushes Panel and utilizing the paint brush tool.

Module 4: Photo Editing Basics 

We dive right in with this module focusing on photo editing basics. Whether you want to remove a background, clean up a lower resolution graphic, combine multiple photos or add enhancements – you will learn it here. These skills are the foundation of great design results that involve any original photos.

Module 5: Advanced Photo Editing and Effects 

Want to turn your photographs into sketches? Watercolor? Paintings? Or even simple illustrations? This is what you will learn in this module. All the videos in this module are longer and designed for you to follow along with your own photographs. Editing photographs in these unique ways is a service you can offer to customers and a great way to offer unique versions of pictures on products you print with sublimation.

Module 6: You Can Draw, Too!

Feeling intimidated by illustration work? Don’t be! There are many ways you can tackle your own artwork creation and none of it involves any natural born illustration talent! This module is dedicated to helping you build a foundation for your own skills. We will show you the options for identifying shapes and creating them with the tools within Affinity Photo.

Module 7: Throw Some Shade 

We continue on teaching you how to create your own unique artwork with a focus on shading, blending and filling your line illustrations. This module will walk you through organizing your layers, groups, masking and incorporating the brushes we covered in Module 5.

Module 8: Clipart, Designs & Templates 

The process you will follow for your artwork depends on what projects you are tackling. In this module we discuss the difference between clipart, designs and templates. What is involved with creating artwork for each? Artwork requirements, visualizing sizing and how to create defaults in Affinity Photo.

Module 9: The Art of Typography & Text Effects 

Aside from clipart, you are going to want to be adding text to your projects. This module helps you navigate the art of typography for all its different uses. Additionally, using the dynamic tools of Affinity Photo, we will show you how to create different styles of wordart that you can use or sell as is!

Module 10: Bring it All Back Now 

Are you ready to really put these skills together? This module consists of 10 design challenge pitches for you to try out and see how your skills have advanced. Have fun with these!

Module 11: Turning Your Skills into Profit 

The final module of the Affinity Photo Design Masterclass covers best practices with designing for digital selling and for physical goods.

Frequently Asked Questions


There is a dedicated support form at the end of each unit if you have questions or assistance while you are taking the masterclass. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

Once you complete your purchase of the masterclass, simply click on MY ACCOUNT and you will see a menu in the sidebar that has ORDERS, DOWNLOADS, COURSES, ect. Click on COURSES and you will see your masterclass available to you.

Once the masterclass is fully listed, you may choose to skip around the content as you choose. Keep in mind that this course is setup to build on skills and information from one module to the next. If you skip content and then need help, you will be referred to the content you skipped over for the answer.

Yes and no. This course DOES NOT cover the iPad or Surface Pro. The software has the same steps and capabilities on tablets as it does on laptop/desktops. However, the interface layout is very different and that will make following along a challenge. Other tablets are not compatible with Affinity program. Refer to for computing specifications.

Indefinitely. The masterclass will be available on our website as long as our site is operational. Should there a come a time when we “retire”, proper alternative access information will be provided to our members for courses and digital graphic content.

No. The Affinity Designer Digital Graphic Design Masterclass is a hybrid of text, graphic references and video. Everything is pre-recorded for you to access on your own schedule and at your own pace.

No. Affinity software, like most software, is not compatible with Chromebook. Please refer to the computing requirements at

Affinity Designer is almost identical whether on a MAC or Windows laptop or desktop. You can follow this course easily. Keep in mind that occasionally there are changes in the MAC layout or command keys which do not work the same as Windows. This does not hinder the ability to use the program.

You will need a laptop or desktop that fits the CPU requirements stated on the Affinity website as well as the software, Affinity Designer or Photo, depending on the course. This information and purchasing can be done at