This masterclass – like our others – is incredibly in-depth and answers the core question of: How do I make money with my handmade business?

Unlike our Affinity Photo/Designer Masterclasses, the MAKE & GROW Masterclass is able to be downloaded and includes a combination of written, audio and video content. You can skip around to the parts that interest you most as this course is not built in a progressive learning style but instead offers strategically crafted modules based on different topics.

The MAKE & GROW Masterclass focuses on the complete picture of marketing and selling for makers. This course is carefully crafted by me with my 17-years of experience and 3x Six Figure Selling success as a business owner. This course is built for anyone who is working on starting or scaling a business and wants to work SMARTER not HARDER (plus, no cringe-worthy dancing required).

The course topics are as follows:

  1. MAKE & GROW FOUNDATIONS: Starting, growing and scaling a business starts with a strong foundation. In this module, we talk about what that means and how to structure your foundation based on your business goals, lifestyle and preferred selling channel.
  2. BRANDING BASICS: Let’s start off dissecting the art of branding. What does your brand say about you and how does that translate to sales (or a lack thereof)? Branding is so much more than your logo – it’s the story your business tells the world – so make it a great one.
  3. CUSTOMER DRIVEN MARKETING: How you reach your customers is dependent on the customers you wish to reach. In this module we will dive into different types of customer, identifying your core demographic and thinking like your customer. With this information as a guide, we will tailor your ideal marketing strategy to reach your ideal customer.
  4. NICHING DOWN YOUR BUSINESS: If you enjoyed our Niching Down Your Business blog mini-series, then you will love this module. We are focusing on breaking down over a dozen popular niche’s with tips on how to tailor your products, designs and customer reach marketing just for these audiences.
  5. WHAT IS SEO?: Search engine optimization is often misunderstood in the online world. Here, we will debunk it and explain how it has evolved and where it will be heading. Additionally, we will dive into how to properly leverage SEO to improve algorithm response on your social and web platforms to help grow your business.
  6. E-COMMERCE 101: Not sure where to start with online selling or how to scale your business? In our E-commerce module we are covering the numerous platforms which you can use for selling your products plus the pros and cons of each one AND how to leverage them for success.
  7. OFFLINE MARKETING FOR HANDMADE MAKERS: If social media and e-commerce isn’t your thing – we got you. Let’s talk about how you can create an entire business model offline with both modern approaches to traditional marketing and fun creative ideas that work in any market and niche.
  8. WHOLESALE MARKETING FOR HANDMADE MAKERS: Curious about wholesale but unsure where to start or even how to start the conversation? This module is completely dedicated to the topic of building a successful wholesale business. We are including everything you need from a breakdown of different online platforms and how to use them (Faire, Abound, ect) plus scripts and step-by-step guides to approaching local boutiques and getting your products on their shelves.
  9. VISUAL MARKETING ON PINTEREST: Pinterest was originally invented for the purpose of marketing businesses. Today, it’s a powerful tool that allows you to grow your business in a global market and reach customers actively searching for what you have to offer. In this module we are discussing everything about Pinterest, how to leverage it and how to make it one of your best, low-effort marketing tactics.
  10. SOCIAL SELLING ON INSTAGRAM: Instagram creates the perfect combination of social media, visual marketing and social selling in one place. With multiple types of content, you can fuel business sales and boost customer reach for years to come. Instagram also offers more engagement and reach with an easier to understand algorithm than its counterpart, Facebook.
  11. BUILDING RAPPORT ON FACEBOOK: Facebook has taken a lot of heat in the last few years and changes in the algorithm have never been a friend of small businesses. Facebook doesn’t need to be (and shouldn’t be) your bread and butter go-to platform, but it can be a powerful tool to building your rapport in a social media obsessed world. We will be covering all things relating to pages, groups, advertising and more.
  12. ENGAGEMENT & ALGORITHMS: Algorithms can seem frustrating and tricky because they are ever-evolving. Let’s talk about how to structure your posts on each platform for better engagement plus your extensive download guide of ideas to use for engagements all year round.
  13. PARTNERSHIPS, BRAND REPS & AFFILIATES: Do these connections really work to grow your business? Why and why not plus the right way to leverage their potential and actually make money without spammy tactics.
  14. BUILDING A SMARTER PRODUCT COLLECTION: Adding new products is part of a growing business but that doesn’t mean you need to be making everything you’re offering. Returning back to the sentiments in our niching down module, this module will focus on how you can expand and offer more products with minimal effort on your part. Dropshipping, gift baskets and bundles, print-on-demand and diversifying your products will be covered in this module.
  15. GET THE WORD OUT WITH EMAIL & TEXT MESSAGE MARKETING: Are you ready to reach your customers off social media? Building an email and text message list is crucial in today’s day. In this module we will walk through how to grow these lists, why they mater and what you can do with them to boost sales.
  16. WHAT MAKES A SUCCESSFUL MARKETING PLAN? Now that you have an idea of the different avenues you can use for marketing – let’s bring it all together into a plan that actually works for your business and lifestyle. This module is your step-by-step guide to creating a marketing plan you can stick to and tailor as your business evolves. We are also going to be covering holiday planning and timelines for your marketing.
  17. CUSTOMER RELATIONS: Growing your business isn’t just about the products and the marketing – it’s also about the customer experience. We will discuss how to create that ideal customer experience in every step of the process from identifying your brand to shopping your products to packaging materials and navigating shipping. Additionally, we are also going to dive into how to tackle the many negative situations that come up with customers – bad reviews, dissatisfied customers, shipping issues plus setting appropriate boundaries with your customers for your own mental health.

The MAKE & GROW Masterclass is packed will all the goodness you can imagine and will have updates as the world around us evolves. There is no one-on-one support with this course as it is designed to be information-style verses in-depth learning style. As always, your course access does not expire. Jump around on your own schedule and at your own pace.

Frequently Asked Questions


There is a dedicated support form at the end of each unit if you have questions or assistance while you are taking the masterclass. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

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Yes and no. This course DOES NOT cover the iPad or Surface Pro. The software has the same steps and capabilities on tablets as it does on laptop/desktops. However, the interface layout is very different and that will make following along a challenge. Other tablets are not compatible with Affinity program. Refer to for computing specifications.

Indefinitely. The masterclass will be available on our website as long as our site is operational. Should there a come a time when we “retire”, proper alternative access information will be provided to our members for courses and digital graphic content.

No. The Affinity Designer Digital Graphic Design Masterclass is a hybrid of text, graphic references and video. Everything is pre-recorded for you to access on your own schedule and at your own pace.

No. Affinity software, like most software, is not compatible with Chromebook. Please refer to the computing requirements at

Affinity Designer is almost identical whether on a MAC or Windows laptop or desktop. You can follow this course easily. Keep in mind that occasionally there are changes in the MAC layout or command keys which do not work the same as Windows. This does not hinder the ability to use the program.

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