June 15th Pre-Order: Mastering Affinity Designer eBook + Mobile App Access


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Introducing the Mastering Affinity Designer Ebook – Available June 15th for PDF download and within our new Sub That US Mobile App! Text SUBTHATUS to +18446076329 to receive text notification when it is available for download.

If you are interested in learning Affinity Designer on budget or wish to have an easy to navigate text + graphic based resource to reference, then the Mastering Affinity Designer Ebook is for you! This ebook takes all of the meaty-goodness of our original Affinity Designer Digital Graphic Design Masterclass for Sublimation and condenses it. You’ll enjoy detailed digestible chapters/segments for all the tools and functions of the software with alongside step-by-step exercises to enforce what you’re learning. Version 2 updates are included (and future updates provided) for the single price.

This ebook is perfect for anyone who wants to “cut to the chase” to find information without having to navigate 75+ hours of video content and challenges that are in our primary masterclass. While this does not include any type of one-on-one support, you will have access to our exclusive Mastering Affinity Designer Community within the new Sub That Us mobile app which is only available to those who have purchase the ebook.

Frequently Asked Questions


There is a dedicated support form at the end of each unit if you have questions or assistance while you are taking the masterclass. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

Once you complete your purchase of the masterclass, simply click on MY ACCOUNT and you will see a menu in the sidebar that has ORDERS, DOWNLOADS, COURSES, ect. Click on COURSES and you will see your masterclass available to you.

Once the masterclass is fully listed, you may choose to skip around the content as you choose. Keep in mind that this course is setup to build on skills and information from one module to the next. If you skip content and then need help, you will be referred to the content you skipped over for the answer.

Yes and no. This course DOES NOT cover the iPad or Surface Pro. The software has the same steps and capabilities on tablets as it does on laptop/desktops. However, the interface layout is very different and that will make following along a challenge. Other tablets are not compatible with Affinity program. Refer to www.affinity.serif.com for computing specifications.

Indefinitely. The masterclass will be available on our website as long as our site is operational. Should there a come a time when we “retire”, proper alternative access information will be provided to our members for courses and digital graphic content.

No. The Affinity Designer Digital Graphic Design Masterclass is a hybrid of text, graphic references and video. Everything is pre-recorded for you to access on your own schedule and at your own pace.

No. Affinity software, like most software, is not compatible with Chromebook. Please refer to the computing requirements at www.affinity.serif.com.

Affinity Designer is almost identical whether on a MAC or Windows laptop or desktop. You can follow this course easily. Keep in mind that occasionally there are changes in the MAC layout or command keys which do not work the same as Windows. This does not hinder the ability to use the program.

You will need a laptop or desktop that fits the CPU requirements stated on the Affinity website as well as the software, Affinity Designer or Photo, depending on the course. This information and purchasing can be done at www.affinity.serif.com.