SUB THAT US Mobile Learning App Founder’s Subscription Deal




Have you heard our HUGE NEWS! We are changing the learning game with the apparel decoration industry’s very first mobile learning app. Our app will be available on Apple and Android devices plus have a web-based version available!

Want to secure the best pricing? Check out our FOUNDERS SUBSCRIPTION OPTION available now for a limited time.

FOUNDER’S LIFETIME: $199.99 – Subscription for the rest of our days. No renewal. No Monthly subscription fee.

Your membership selection will be added to your app account automatically. 

This app will put learning, troubleshooting, community and more right in the palm of your hands.

Our mobile app will have three types of content:

FREE CONTENT – Available to anyone and everyone. This will be all videos that we share on our YouTube channel, conveniently organized within the app along with quick reference notes for time, temp, pressure and tips. We will continue to create free content just have we have done for 5 years. Free content will also include our free mini-courses such as the 10 Minute Affinity Designer Basics and the upcoming 10 Minute Sublimation, 10 Minute White Toner Basics, 10 Minute Affinity Photo Basics, and 10 Minute Color Correction.

SUBSCRIPTION CONTENT – Monthly subscription of $12.99 (to start, in August 2023). Subscription content will include more design tutorials for popular styles and substrates, tutorials relating to selling and marketing specific products, staging, navigating vendor events, wholesale selling and more. We will also be adding micro-courses starting Winter 2023-24 on a variety of print industry related topics including Digital Design for White Toner, Large Format Printing, DTF, DTG and beyond – several of these will be in partnership with some of the most popular companies in the industry. Including the Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo Masterclasses!

ONE TIME PURCHASES – Any website based smaller courses you have purchased or purchase in the past that are made available in the mobile app, you will have access to! Including our new Mastering Affinity Designer and Photo ebooks!

Sub That has a so much in store and we are so excited to have you along for the ride!

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