8Tips to Create Product Collections That Sell

One of the key takeaways from this blog series is that marketing for handmade businesses is not just about how you navigate the online and offline marketing world but also the products you create. A great product will sell itself. Where many fall short is by not having any structure to their business products. I […]


In the first blog post of this series, we answered the question of “What is modern marketing for handmade businesses?” Now, let’s dive into the components of modern marketing that matter to customers. All new business owners – myself included – find themselves falling into the gimmick trap of marketing their products at one point […]

What is Modern Marketing for Handmade Businesses?

One of the top questions asked in our community is: How can I make money with my handmade goods? If you pose this question in an online forum, you’ll be answered by many similar newbies voicing their own experience and things they have heard to be “the right answer”. While everyone’s experience and results are […]