Let’s create an easy reel for Instagram, Facebook & TikTok for your business! This reel idea is perfect for the month of December and an easy way to showcase 10 of your favorite products/designs for the season.

You will need 9-10 product pictures cropped to 9:16 aspect ratio. This can be achieved through the basic photo editing of your mobile device. Plus 2 black or white “screen” slides. I used black and simply put my phone down on a dark fabric with the flash turned off and took a picture.

Step 1: Open up Instagram to your user profile and click on the + in the top right corner. Select REEL.

Step 2: Click on the small square with plus sign in the bottom left corner of the screen. This will open up your photos. Click on the overlapping squares in the top right corner to select multiple photos. Select all photos you plan to use for this reel in the order you want them to appear. Click the arrow in the bottom right to progress to the next step.

Step 3: Click on the “Search Music” icon. Search “Sugar Plum” and select the version by Lindsey Sterling. Your photos will automatically sync to the music which is a great, easy feature to enjoy! Click white arrow in bottom right to progress forward.

Step 4: Click on EDIT CLIPS to reveal the bottom context menu. Select “Transitions”. + signs will appear between each slide – select any one (does not matter). Choose a transition from the slider and select “Apply to All” then “Done”. If you wish to reorder your slides, click on reorder in this context menu to adjust them.

Step 5: Click on the Text A in the top corner and type out your preferred text for the first slide. You can use the color dot to change the color and the font icons to change the font style in one click. Align your text on the screen where you want it and select “Done”.

Step 6: Tap on text bubble in the bottom left corner to adjust the time the text stays on the screen via the pop-up slider. Use your finger to slide in the end bracket to the end of your first screen. It will automatically play to show you where the text is being applied. Repeat steps 5 & 6 for the end screen text and any other text that you would like to add to your reel.

Step 7: Add a fun effect using the effect sparkle icon. I scrolled to the bottom and chose AQUA GLITTER for a fun Christmas/winter effect.

Step 8: Replay you’re reel and make sure you’re satisfied with it! When you’re ready, click on NEXT in the bottom right corner.

Step 9: Add in a short caption and 3-5 relevant hashtags for your products. Avoid generic hashtags like #handmade #maker #estyseller. Think about hashtags that are specifically relevant to your products and niche. You can also tag people or add locations below the caption area. Click OK when you’re done!

Step 10: Publish you’re reel! Be sure that your Instagram profile and Facebook Profile or Page are linked to allow you to crosspost. You can click on the … on your published reel to “Download to Device” and upload to TikTok as well if you are using it.

Congratulations! You’ve created a quick and easy reel for your business!

HOT TIP: Want to save time? Head to the Of Love & Shiplap Instagram profile with this reel and click on “USE TEMPLATE” in the bottom left corner!